Marulilu Cafe

If going out for brunch is easier than dinner these days, then the typical eggs with toast gets boring after a while.  However, branching out to different restaurants can be such a gamble as well.  Enter, Marulilu Café.

This cozy, yet bright little café serves Japanese style breakfast and brunch items.  The food here is quite good while the prices are extremely affordable.  Do the Japanese breakfast dishes intimidate you?  There’s the standard eggs, bacon and hashbrowns when you’re not feeling so adventurous.  If you love trying new things, but aren’t sure what to order, I’d recommend the Takoyaki and the Okonomiyaki.

Takoyaki is a ball of dough with soft center with octopus and a crispier exterior.  They are usually served with takoyaki sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce) and mayonnaise.  Make sure to let them cool down a little before popping the whole thing in your mouth.

Marulilu Cafe 1 (2)

The Okonomiyaki is a pizza or pancake style dish with cheese and seafood, but the base is made of flour and mountain yam.  The seafood found in Okonomiyaki usually consists of octopus and shrimp.  It is usually topped with Japanese mayonnaise and Benito flakes.

Marulilu Cafe 1 (1)

Average noise level – $

451 W Broadway

Vancouver, BC

V5Y 1R4


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