Boiling Point

When it’s cold outside, I usually crave something hot and spicy.  Boiling Point delivers both of those requests in a hot pot.

boiling pt

If you’ve never had hot pot before, it’s basically a communal simmering metal pot of soup stock in the middle of the dining table.  Raw meat, seafood and vegetables are dipped into the hot broth to be cooked right before your eyes.  It’s meant to be lively and an interactive way for families to enjoy dinner together.

At Boiling Point, it’s slightly different.  The pots are individually sized and the food is placed in the pot for you already.  When dining with kids, I find this way a lot easier to manage.  However, you need to make sure they aren’t grabbing at the fire or pot itself, but once you have that under control, it’s a fun experience for everyone.  Of course, you know your own children best so if you don’t think this is a good idea, then give this a try when they’re a bit older.

Boiling Point

The pots come with many different flavors, toppings and spice level to choose from.  For first timers, there are pictures on the menu so don’t feel overwhelmed with the choices.  The great thing is, this restaurant is available in both Canada and USA.

Boiling2  Boiling

Medium noise level – $$

Boiling Point

5276 Kingsway

Burnaby, BC

V5H 2G1


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