Screen Door

For those of you who reside in Portlandia, you’ve eaten or at least heard of Screen Door.  If you haven’t, walk, run, bike or fly over there as soon as you can!  This has become my favorite restaurant whenever I visit Portland and I am not shy about eating here multiple times in one trip.  The only reason I don’t eat here for every meal is because there’s a line up every night out the door and around the corner.


The food is a celebration of Southern cooking with a lively atmosphere.  The staff is friendly and so are the diners.  I guess it would be difficult to stay in a foul mood when you’re enjoying their mouth-watering fried chicken and okra.  As crazy as it sounds, our family trips are planned around dinner at Screen Door.  I dream in fried chicken now.


Medium noise level – $$

Screen Door

2337 E Burnside St

Portland, OR




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