Shang Noodle House

Growing up, I’ve eaten a lot of instant noodles.  If I was hungry after school, waking up for Saturday morning cartoons or even hungover from the night before, I’d reach for instant noodles.  There’s so many different ways to customize your hot bowl of MSG soup noodles that it was my go-to cheap meal.

Fast forward 25 years and I’d like to think I deserve to graduate from the pre-packaged, dry and waxy instant noodle packs to fresh hand pulled ramen.  Shang Noodle House has a decent variety of Japanese and Chinese fusion style ramen dishes.

Shang Noodle House (3) fixed  Shang Noodle House (6)

My personal favorites are the Spicy “Tan Tan” Noodles in Pork Broth and the Traditional Ramen in Hot & Sour Soup.  My husband, daughter and I enjoy coming here since there’s never a need for reservations.  One thing I learned from having a baby is that your plans are shot.  You pretty much need to go with the flow, meaning you adjust your schedule around baby’s nap time.  I’ve tried putting her on my schedule and trust me, it’s not worth the stress.

Shang Noodle House (7)  Shang Noodle House (1) fixed

Medium noise level – $

Shang Noodle House

350 Gifford St

New Westminster, BC

V3M 7A3


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