Genji Japanese Restaurant

The food is not spectacular, but perfectly acceptable.  As for the service, it wasn’t memorable, but average at best.

20140319_121850  20140319_121835

Why do I like this Genji Japanese Restaurant?  It’s spacious and can easily accommodate a stroller.  The place gets busy during their lunch rush, but never packed so reservations are never needed.  There’s plenty of free parking in the plaza where the restaurant is located.  Genji also right across the street from Michael’s Craft Store, HomeSense and plenty of other big stores which is perfect to walk around in after a big meal.  Mikayla is still young and requires 3 naps a day, so by the time I finish lunch, I can around with her in the stroller until she falls asleep.  It’s the closest I can get to any form of exercise these days.


I had lunch with my daughter, mom and grandma.  We took our time and ended up spending close to 1.5 hours chatting.  It’s great catching up with family without feeling rushed after your meal.  This is why I like Genji Japanese Restaurant.

20140319_120353  20140319_121023

Average noise level – $$

Genji Japanese Restaurant

7533 Market Crossing

Burnaby, BC

V5J 0A7


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