Oui Paris Cafe

When you have a baby, time seems to drag on during those painful colicky nights.  There’s permanent bags under your eyes and you haven’t plucked your eyebrows in a month.  Well, that’s me anyway for the last little while, but before you know it, your little one is 8 months old!  Mikayla has grown from a cranky baby to happy, giggling and babbling small person.

oui (2)  oui (4)

Every month, I try to find a new place to have lunch with my daughter and Oui Paris Café just opened in the neighborhood.  As you can already tell from the name, this is a Parisan style café and it’s located in Burnaby.  That’s another plus for me since I need to plan around my daughter’s naps so I only have a 2 hour window to get her dressed, out the door, drive, find parking, order food, eat and drive back home.

oui (10)  oui (6)

I’m not sure if I was famished from nursing my baby the previous night, but that spinach, feta and mushroom crepe was delicious!  It wasn’t ladened with butter and the ingredients tasted fresh.  The mushrooms were grilled and the spinach still had a slight crunch.

oui (1)  oui (5)

I enjoyed a mouth-watering crepe, basked in the beautiful Parisian ambience and was still able to get home in time to put Mikayla down for a nap.  If that’s not a successful morning, I don’t know what is.

Oui Paris Café

Average noise level – $

4092 Hastings Street

Burnaby, BC

V5C 2H9




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