Kamamarui Ramen

I wanted to sneak in one more ramen meal before we are doused in sunshine.  It’s not that I don’t love warm weather, but ramen seems so much more comforting when it’s a little chilly outside.

Ramen (3)

Kamamarui Ramen is one of the few places located in Burnaby that actually serves good ramen so that’s what we settled on.  It’s a comfortable restaurant to meet up with friends without breaking your budget.

Ramen (6)  Ramen (2)

The menu isn’t very big with 4 different type of ramen soup flavors, rice bowls and tempura.  I settled with the Tonkotsu Ramen Combo which comes with a bowl of ramen and a bomb.  The bomb is seasoned seaweed with rice in teriyaki sauce.  My husband, Ben wasn’t a huge fan of it, but I loved it.  I can see that it can be pretty plain, but I have a rice obsession.  Rice rolled into a ball flavored with seaweed and teriyaki sauce?  I’ll take 2!

Ramen (4)  Ramen (1)

Average noise level – $

Kamamarui Ramen

6514 Royal Oak Avenue

Burnaby, BC

V5H 3P4



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