Queensborough Landing

After having my baby, the mall has been my second home.  I’ve gotten to the point where I knew where every store was by memory and that means I need a change of scenery.  It worked out perfectly since the sun made its appearance and I can walk around outside with the stroller.

Queensborough (4)  Queensborough (6)

Queensborough Landing Outdoor Mall is in New Westminster, BC off the Queensborough highway.  It used to be pretty boring and I can cover the stores within an hour, but in the past year, this place has really expanded.  There’s a casino, department stores, retail shops and local services with restaurants sprinkled in between.

Queensborough (2)  Queensborough (3)

I met up with a friend at one of the fast food places, Opa Sovlaki.  They serve decent Greek food, I mean they aren’t the best out there, but it’s not bad.  I haven’t seen her in ages so it was great to take our time catching up.  We didn’t feel rushed while eating and ended up spending 2 and half hours.  We honestly could have stayed longer, but it was the little one’s nap time.  I’ll be back again to shop next time.

Queensborough (8)  Queensborough (1)

Medium noise level – $

Opa Sovlaki

Queensborough Landing

805 Boyd Street

New Westminster, BC

V3M 5X2






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