Laksa King

Warning: Laksa King will induce the biggest and yet most satisfying food coma combined.  I can barely keep my eyes open after eating here.

Laksa King (2)

Laksa King has the best laksa in Vancouver.  Straight up!  This place is pretty much a hole in the wall, complete with cafeteria style napkin dispensers on each table and a cheesy mural on the wall.  I mean, just look at the aluminum and checkered tiling in this place.  Whether you find it charming for that very reason or can’t stomach the décor, you will indeed love the food.

Laksa King (4)  Laksa King (3)

Ben ordered the Laksa with Yellow Noodles in Soup and I couldn’t stop sneaking in a few bites.  The Laksa is served with tiger prawns, fish balls, tofu puffs and hard-boiled egg.  That chicken and coconut curry soup was so flavorful and had an intense, but not overly spicy kick.

Laksa King (5)

I ordered the Mohingar with Rice Noodles in Soup and although the Laksa was better, I still loved my noodles.  It had the right amount of tang and wasn’t spicy, which is more my cup of tea anyway.  The Mohingar is a blend of fish broth with onions, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, banana stem served with hard-boiled eggs and split pea fritters.


Oh and whatever you do, don’t skip out on the Roti.  This was the best roti I’ve had in the city as well.  As for the sauce that it comes with, I’ve had better, but that soft and flakey roti was amazing.

Laksa King (6)

Even though this place is out-of-the-way for me, there’s no high chair or change tables for my baby and it’s cash only… I will still come back.


Average noise level – $

2546 E Hastings Street

Vancouver, BC

V5K 1Z3



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