Portobello Restaurant

Most of the time I’m craving something fatty and greasy, but I can’t eat like that everyday.  Luckily, while Ben, Mikayla and I stayed at the Fairmont Chateau in Whistler, Portobello Restaurant was just downstairs.  Portobello is a casual café serving pizza, soups, baked goods and made to order sandwiches.

IMG_20140418_151422  IMG_20140418_151748

It reminded me of an upscale Subway Sandwich joint with customizable toppings.  So there I was, putting in my order for roast beef sandwich on Marble Rye, thinking it’s going to be dry.   I requested my usual, -tomatoes, butter lettuce, pickles, olives, guacamole and my bread to be toasted.  First bite and it’s a delicious sandwich with fresh ingredients and juicy beef!  Who says, healthy has to taste like cardboard?

IMG_20140418_152130  IMG_20140418_152515

Medium noise level – $

Portobello Restaurant

4599 Chateau Boulevard Rr 4

Whistler, BC

V0N 1B4



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