Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary

Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary is not located in a tourist friendly location. It probably won’t be walking distance from your hotel and it sure isn’t a few steps from Downtown. If you want to check this restaurant out, you’ll need to take a bus or drive over to this part of town. It’s slightly past Chinatown in East Vancouver so it’s about 15 minutes driving from Downtown. There are no other attractions in the area besides restaurants if you consider that a Vancouver attraction.

Yolks (1)  Yolks (3)

Yolk’s is open only until the mid afternoon serving breakfast food.  Don’t come here expecting a massive plate of food.  Come here for a delicious, high quality, well made breakfast.  Get the Double Smoked Bacon Egg Sandwich with Truffle Lemon Hashbrowns and wash it down with a beer.

Yolks (9)  Yolks (8)

Medium noise level – $$

Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary

1298 E Hastings St

Vancouver, BC

V6A 1S6

Yolks (7)  Yolks (6)


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