Hi Genki

Does eating your meal in a cafeteria located inside a senior’s home appeal to you?  I wasn’t sold on the idea as well, but I have to admit, it piqued my interest.  Honestly though, why would anyone want to eat in a place like that if you had other choices?  The answer is simple, -authentic home cooked meals.

IMAG1986  IMAG2311

Hi Genki serves some pretty basic Japanese dishes, but the difference is, they are prepared with care.  The restaurant is run by Japanese people serving mostly a Japanese clientele so you know the food is the real deal.


The prices are a steal and the portions are huge.  They have donburi, curry dishes, udon and only 2 bento boxes.  The menu isn’t very big and quite often they sell out of the raw fish.  That to me right there tells me that their food is in high demand and the product is fresh.


One thing to keep in mind is that they don’t have baby change tables in the washroom.  Besides that, Hi Genki is kid friendly and as casual as you can get in a restaurant without being a fast food joint.

Average noise level – $

Hi Genki

6680 Southoaks Crescent

Burnaby, BC

V5E 4N3



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