Irving St. Kitchen

I have a lot of favorite spots in Portland and Pearl District is right up on my list.  It’s artsy and trendy without the pretentiousness.  Maybe Portland knows exactly how to capture my heart with all their different pockets and neighborhoods.

l5  Irving

If I can choose one place to have brunch, it’s definitely Irving St. Kitchen.  You’ll notice the décor right away with the exposed brick and ceilings as well as their ink blot art.  It’s a comfortable place to have your weekend morning meal with a coffee or mimosa in hand.  This time, I chose a ginger beer.
l  l1

I had the most mouth watering scrambled egg dish.  It was an English Pea and Morel Scramble with creme fraiche served with lightly dressed butter lettuce and toast.  If you’re famished, I would order more sides as the portions aren’t huge.    The prices are more towards the mid to high range, but it’s most definitely worth it.


Average noise level – $$$

Irving St. Kitchen

701 NW 13th St

Portland, OR




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