Hoang Yen

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of Vietnamese food.  It’s quick, easy and affordable, but mostly because my kid eagerly slurps up the noodles without complaining.


In Vancouver, there’s a plethora of Pho restaurants and sometimes they’re even located side by side.  If you talk to a Vancouverite, they’ll usually have their favorites.  I love trying new places, so I asked my mom which one she wanted to go to for lunch.  Without skipping a beat, she suggested Hoang Yen and proceeded to call in to order 2 bowls since we were in a hurry.  Thanks for asking me what I wanted, mom.


We get to the restaurant and it was pretty busy on a Wednesday afternoon so we had to wait a bit.  Hoang Yen is a typical Vietnamese noodle joint.  There’s no air conditioning, English is not mandatory, service is not too bad and they take cash only.


After being seated, we were promptly brought our food.  She had ordered the Vietnamese Fish Soup with Noodles for me and as they always say, mother’s always right because I loved it.  It’s made really well with tons of flavor.  The dill pretty much covers the whole top layer of the bowl.  I was hooked.


If you want to order this, it’s called Bu cha ca dac biet.  Don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I’m basically either pointing to the menu or asking my mom to translate for me again.


Medium noise level – $

Hoang Yen

5083 Victoria Drive

Vancouver, BC

V5P 3T9



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