Kinder Cafe

Kinder Café is located in Port Coquitlam just off of Lougheed Highway in the same plaza as Kin’s Market.  This bright little playground have tons of toys and is clean and affordable.  There are couches for nursing moms and change tables in the washrooms.  They serve snacks and lattes for sleep deprived parents to enjoy while watching their children tire themselves out.  It’s a comfortable place to bring your kids rain or shine.

Kinder Cafe (3)  Kinder Cafe (8)

There aren’t too many indoor play areas for kids in the lower mainland and unfortunately, the place is closing down.  As we were speaking with the owner, she mentioned that someone else may purchase the Kinder Café name and either keep it open or reopen in another location.  I’m hoping they can reopen in Burnaby as it’s closer to home, but I’ll be happy regardless if Kinder Café can just be available while my daughter is growing up.  In the meantime, they are having a closing out sale so go check them out if you want to purchase some items for a steal.  They’ll be open until Wednesday 3:00PM.

Kinder Cafe (1)  Kinder Cafe (5)

Loud noise level – $

Kinder Café

2020 Oxford Connector

Port Coquitlam

BC V3C 0A4


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