Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

The name is Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, but to be honest, it’s far from authentic Mexican food.  Dishes are tailored to the way we North Americans like to eat, from the type of cheese to the heaping portions on the plate.  Having said that, I still like it here.  Las Margaritas is located on West 4th, which is a trendy upscale shopping area.  They have a relaxing outdoor dining area to enjoy your Tequila Caesar and it’s located 10 minutes from the beach.

Las M (1)  Las M (3)

How’s the food though?  The complimentary salsa and chips at the beginning of your meal is spicy and fresh.  The items on the menu range from average to good with my favorite dish being the Seafood Enchilada.  Overall, if you’re looking for good Mexican food you’d probably go elsewhere, but if you want a good patio, location, people watching, convenience and a kid friendly environment, you won’t be disappointed here.

Las M (2)  Las M (4)


Medium noise level – $$

Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

1999 4th Ave W

Vancouver, BC

V6J 1M7



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