Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant

The low quality, shady restaurant that went by the name of Grand Buffet is finally no more.  In its place, my wish has been fulfilled as a new dim sum restaurant has taken its place.  Hello, Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant.

Lee Garden (2)  Lee Garden (5)

I was surprised at how the old dining area with fluorescent lighting was pretty much gutted and transformed into a tastefully decorated restaurant.  The layout is long and curved with chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows all along one side.  It’s a great place to beat the summer heat because they are not cheap with using air conditioning.  I almost had to go home to grab a light sweater.  Service was excellent and the washrooms are clean.  There are however, no change tables for your baby, but that’s not surprising for an Asian restaurant.

Lee Garden (3)  Lee Garden (7)

Lee Garden (8)  Lee Garden (1)

As with all new Chinese restaurants, the quality of food is high and the prices are reasonable.  One can only hope it stays that way for as long as possible.  In the meantime, I will enjoy my monthly doses of greasy Asian brunch items, while washing it down with tea.

Lee Garden (6)

Medium noise level – $$

Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant

6401 Kingsway Unit 110

Burnaby, BC

V5E 1E1



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