Thyme To Indulge

Thyme To Indulge started as a boutique gourmet catering company and has within the last year, opened a restaurant on Main Street.  Their motto is quality over quantity while trying to use mostly local and seasonal ingredients.

Thyme (1)  Thyme (6)

The restaurant’s black striped awning stands out from the other hip businesses.  Their décor has a beautiful French bistro feel to it with iron patio chairs outside.  I ended up sitting outside with Ben and Mikayla because it was quite stuffy inside.  There are however, no booster seats or highchairs so you’ll have to hold your baby.  Although, Thyme To Indulge didn’t seem very kid friendly, they tried to be as accommodating as possible, which was appreciated.

Thyme (2)  Thyme (3)

The BC Eggs Benedict was tasty with a tiny hint of dill, but the highlight of my dish were the breakfast potatoes with parmesan.  The pancakes felt a little stiff and it could have been better.  However, we still enjoyed our meal and the service was excellent.

Thyme (5)  Thyme (4)

Thyme (7)  Thyme (8)

Average noise level – $$

Thyme To Indulge

2858 Main Street

Vancouver, BC

V5T 3G2


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