Burnaby Central Railway

This past weekend, we celebrated my daughter, Mikayla’s 1st birthday.  She’s a summer baby so I had many more choices of venues in the city.  I knew I wanted the party outdoors since there are over 50 guests including children.  After narrowing down my search to kid friendly and unique locations, I finally found Burnaby Central Railway.

10520834_10203896931198672_1260344643743914905_n  IMG-20140804-WA0010

This park is located in Confederation Park with parking all along the street.  There are canopies set up for your party that’s on a grassy area a little elevated from the regular picnic tables.  They can hold up to 3 parties during one time slot, which are 11am-1pm or 2pm-4pm.  Make sure you book ahead of time online because this place is popular.  The staff in the concession stand are great and the train conductors are good natured older gentlemen.  They all operate the trains during the weekends as hobbies.

10585781_696928950401581_1259859561_o  IMG-20140803-WA0008

10594284_696928837068259_301683996_o  741233_10152609443780549_2143460944425716980_o

It’s tiring for a small child to be out for over 2 hours in the sun and with so much commotion around, but Mikayla was a trooper.  She lit up and babbled the whole way around the whole park while sitting on the miniature train ride.  While the train weaved around the park, there was a light breeze, which helped with the heat as well.  You will cut through tunnels, notice toy sculptures and pass by other trains.  The ride takes about 15 minutes and are $2.50 per ride unless you purchase in bulk, which will cost $2.00 per ride.  There was no question that it was money well spent.

1623560_10152609440185549_5479329438564923036_n  IMG-20140804-WA0041

Medium noise level – $

Burnaby Central Railway

120 North Willingdon Ave

Burnaby, BC

V5C 6K1


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