Being from Vancouver, the closest Popeyes is in Burlington, Washington so I’ve always been curious about the place.  All I knew was that it originated from Louisiana and they have been steadily opening new restaurants across the country.  Heck, they’re starting to show up all over the world!

I wanted to try a little bit of everything that my stomach can hold so I had 1 chicken drumstick, rice and beans, mashed potatoes with gravy and onion rings.  The chicken was their spicy recipe and the skin had a good crunch.  It was juicy and flavored well.  All the other side dishes weren’t too bad, but I found to be incredibly salty.  Oh yea, I still ate it.


I don’t make it a habit to eat fast food, but life’s too short to not enjoy a little fried chicken.  Plus, food fast places are kid friendly and cheap so I like to go once every 2 months.  They have high chairs and I can always count on them to have a diaper changing station in the bathroom too.



Medium noise level – $

120 Cascade Mall Dr

Burlington, WA



Flying Heritage Collection

When you’re living so close to the United States border, crossing it is an easy day trip.  Next time you’re bored on a Sunday, drive to Everett and visit the Flying Heritage Collection.  Airplanes may not be your thing, but I guarantee you’ll find it interesting.  These are beautifully restored, battle-proven World War II aircraft and tanks.  There’s signs, videos and staff to answer any questions you may have about the history of these gorgeous machinery.

Heritage Flying Collection (7)  Heritage Flying Collection (8)

This museum is kid friendly and clean, so adding history to the mix is a bonus.  My family and I spent 2 hours walking through and we ran out of time.  It was my daughter’s nap time and we reluctantly left, but we made a mental note to come back again soon.  Admission is only $14 for adults and $10 for kids. (Free for children 5 years and under)

Heritage Flying Collection (14)  Heritage Flying Collection (15)

Average noise level – $

Flying Heritage Collection

Paine Field

3407 109th St SW

Everett, WA


Heritage Flying Collection (26)  Heritage Flying Collection (5)