In Portland, there are a few restaurants and bakery I tend to go back a few times during same trip.  Nuvrei is one of those places.  This bakery is located in the Pearl District and has some pretty amazing baked goods.

Nuvrei Patisserie2

From macarons to bagels to cookies, they’ve certainly mastered it all here.  I’ve tried both their turkey bagel and smoked salmon bagel and they were delicious.  Freshly baked bagels, crisp vegetables, moist turkey or the smoked salmon in between a cheese crusted bagel and toasted to perfection.  Between the two bagel sandwiches, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one I enjoyed more.

Nuvrei Patisserie  Nuvrei Patisserie1

The macarons were light and packed with flavor.  I was pretty full by the time I finished my sandwich, but I’m not letting anything get in the way of a little dessert.  We polished off half of the box and saved the rest for a snack an hour later.  The only regret I had was not buying a second box.


Average noise level – $$


404 NW 10th Ave

Portland, OR



Irving St. Kitchen

I have a lot of favorite spots in Portland and Pearl District is right up on my list.  It’s artsy and trendy without the pretentiousness.  Maybe Portland knows exactly how to capture my heart with all their different pockets and neighborhoods.

l5  Irving

If I can choose one place to have brunch, it’s definitely Irving St. Kitchen.  You’ll notice the décor right away with the exposed brick and ceilings as well as their ink blot art.  It’s a comfortable place to have your weekend morning meal with a coffee or mimosa in hand.  This time, I chose a ginger beer.
l  l1

I had the most mouth watering scrambled egg dish.  It was an English Pea and Morel Scramble with creme fraiche served with lightly dressed butter lettuce and toast.  If you’re famished, I would order more sides as the portions aren’t huge.    The prices are more towards the mid to high range, but it’s most definitely worth it.


Average noise level – $$$

Irving St. Kitchen

701 NW 13th St

Portland, OR



Screen Door

For those of you who reside in Portlandia, you’ve eaten or at least heard of Screen Door.  If you haven’t, walk, run, bike or fly over there as soon as you can!  This has become my favorite restaurant whenever I visit Portland and I am not shy about eating here multiple times in one trip.  The only reason I don’t eat here for every meal is because there’s a line up every night out the door and around the corner.


The food is a celebration of Southern cooking with a lively atmosphere.  The staff is friendly and so are the diners.  I guess it would be difficult to stay in a foul mood when you’re enjoying their mouth-watering fried chicken and okra.  As crazy as it sounds, our family trips are planned around dinner at Screen Door.  I dream in fried chicken now.


Medium noise level – $$

Screen Door

2337 E Burnside St

Portland, OR



Tabor Bread

One of the biggest things you lose as a parent is sleep.  There is no schedule and your sleep is in blocks of 2-3 hours.  As you try to hang onto any kind of normalcy, you realize that you just need to go with the flow.  That’s where coffee will become your best friend.


Tabor Bread is a bakery located near the very quiet end of Hawthorne Blvd.  The building itself is adorable, the atmosphere is comfortable and laid back.  This is where you can find that mug of hot coffee you so desperately need and this is where you can spend time with your baby.  I mean, you’re awake at 7:00AM while on vacation anyway so you might as well head out.

The staff are friendly and the food is simple yet delicious.  If you order one of their sandwiches, get the tomato-onion jam, with goat’s milk feta cheese and sprouts.  It’s divine!


Average noise level – $

5051 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Portland, OR