Sweet Cherubim

I’m not a person who craves Vegetarian food.  The dish almost always feels incomplete to me.  A salad?  Let’s slice some grilled chicken on that rabbit food.  Baked potato?  Let’s sprinkle some bacon on it.  However, I can make room for Sweet Cherubim from time to time.

Sweet Cherubim (2)  Sweet Cherubim (4)

Sweet Cherubim is a casual eatery, which shares the space with a grocery store.  Staring at their menu, it took me the full 5 minutes to make a decision since I kept changing my mind.  They have samosas, moussakas, lasagnas, burgers, sandwiches, rolls, subjis, rice bowls, soups, salads and many desserts.  (All of which are vegetarian)

Sweet Cherubim (1)  Sweet Cherubim (3)

I finally decided on the ‘Soup Special’, which came with a cup of soup, salad and rice.  This way, I can try a little bit of everything.  I chose the kale soup, quinoa salad and rice.  The 3 items looked tiny, but make no mistake, it is filling.  The food was tasty and healthy without being too greasy to weigh me down.  Next time, I’m going to try their subji, which I learned is a term that means ‘vegetable dish’.  Subjis can be dry, wet or in curry form and the ones at Sweet Cherubim looked delicious.

Sweet Cherubim (5)


Average noise level – $

Sweet Cherubim

1105 Commercial Dr

Vancouver, BC

V5L 3X3


Avalon Dairy

In the midst of all the industrial buildings on N Fraser Way (just off of Marine Drive) is a little gem for dairy lovers.  Avalon Dairy sells organic milk products right from the source so that means you cut out the middle men.  What does that mean?  Lower prices and fresher merchandise.

Avalon Dairy (3)  Avalon Dairy (2)

Grocery stores don’t carry their full line of products and usually carry only Avalon’s milk, but when you’re at the headquarters, you get the works.  They sell everything from milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, egg and ice cream.  I promise you that their ice cream is just as good, if not better than gourmet ice cream parlors and with the added bonus of being organic.  Avalon Dairy sells them by pints or scoops so I’ve always been able to treat myself to a cone every time I replenish the milk supply for my daughter.  I’ve also heard their organic chocolate milk is to die for, but I have yet to try it.  I’m almost afraid to try because I don’t want to start an addiction I can’t handle, especially when I’m lactose intolerant.  However, judging by the glowing reviews on their chocolate milk, it might be worth the pain.

Avalon Dairy (4)  Avalon Dairy (1)

Avalon Dairy (6)  Avalon Dairy (7)

Average noise level – $

Avalon Dairy

7985 N Fraser Way

Burnaby, BC

V5J 0A4



Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Going for frozen yogurt is one of my favorite things to do after dinner.  So when my cousin, Betty requested we get dessert, I happily obliged.  This Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt location is fantastic since it’s close to my house and I have an excuse to walk there.  If you’re not around the area, there are plenty of underground parking as well as street parking.

l  IMAG0454

The self serve option is genius, along with the ability to try the different flavors by yourself until you can finally make that important life decision.  Which flavors and toppings do I want?  You’ll be able to take your time deciding without anyone bothering you.  My favorite flavor is definitely the salted caramel with crushed almonds, mochi balls and yogurt chips for toppings.  Don’t worry, if salted caramel isn’t your thing, there are usually at least 7 other flavors and a huge variety of toppings to choose from.

IMAG0457  IMAG0459

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is a chain, but they’ve hired competent staff, provides a point card system, has fun/colorful decor and most importantly, serves delicious and unique frozen yogurt.  It’s no wonder there are more Menchie’s stores frequently opening all over North America.


Medium noise level – $

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

7155 Kingsway Unit 138

Burnaby, BC V5E 2V1


In Portland, there are a few restaurants and bakery I tend to go back a few times during same trip.  Nuvrei is one of those places.  This bakery is located in the Pearl District and has some pretty amazing baked goods.

Nuvrei Patisserie2

From macarons to bagels to cookies, they’ve certainly mastered it all here.  I’ve tried both their turkey bagel and smoked salmon bagel and they were delicious.  Freshly baked bagels, crisp vegetables, moist turkey or the smoked salmon in between a cheese crusted bagel and toasted to perfection.  Between the two bagel sandwiches, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one I enjoyed more.

Nuvrei Patisserie  Nuvrei Patisserie1

The macarons were light and packed with flavor.  I was pretty full by the time I finished my sandwich, but I’m not letting anything get in the way of a little dessert.  We polished off half of the box and saved the rest for a snack an hour later.  The only regret I had was not buying a second box.


Average noise level – $$


404 NW 10th Ave

Portland, OR


Burnaby Central Railway

This past weekend, we celebrated my daughter, Mikayla’s 1st birthday.  She’s a summer baby so I had many more choices of venues in the city.  I knew I wanted the party outdoors since there are over 50 guests including children.  After narrowing down my search to kid friendly and unique locations, I finally found Burnaby Central Railway.

10520834_10203896931198672_1260344643743914905_n  IMG-20140804-WA0010

This park is located in Confederation Park with parking all along the street.  There are canopies set up for your party that’s on a grassy area a little elevated from the regular picnic tables.  They can hold up to 3 parties during one time slot, which are 11am-1pm or 2pm-4pm.  Make sure you book ahead of time online because this place is popular.  The staff in the concession stand are great and the train conductors are good natured older gentlemen.  They all operate the trains during the weekends as hobbies.

10585781_696928950401581_1259859561_o  IMG-20140803-WA0008

10594284_696928837068259_301683996_o  741233_10152609443780549_2143460944425716980_o

It’s tiring for a small child to be out for over 2 hours in the sun and with so much commotion around, but Mikayla was a trooper.  She lit up and babbled the whole way around the whole park while sitting on the miniature train ride.  While the train weaved around the park, there was a light breeze, which helped with the heat as well.  You will cut through tunnels, notice toy sculptures and pass by other trains.  The ride takes about 15 minutes and are $2.50 per ride unless you purchase in bulk, which will cost $2.00 per ride.  There was no question that it was money well spent.

1623560_10152609440185549_5479329438564923036_n  IMG-20140804-WA0041

Medium noise level – $

Burnaby Central Railway

120 North Willingdon Ave

Burnaby, BC

V5C 6K1

Thyme To Indulge

Thyme To Indulge started as a boutique gourmet catering company and has within the last year, opened a restaurant on Main Street.  Their motto is quality over quantity while trying to use mostly local and seasonal ingredients.

Thyme (1)  Thyme (6)

The restaurant’s black striped awning stands out from the other hip businesses.  Their décor has a beautiful French bistro feel to it with iron patio chairs outside.  I ended up sitting outside with Ben and Mikayla because it was quite stuffy inside.  There are however, no booster seats or highchairs so you’ll have to hold your baby.  Although, Thyme To Indulge didn’t seem very kid friendly, they tried to be as accommodating as possible, which was appreciated.

Thyme (2)  Thyme (3)

The BC Eggs Benedict was tasty with a tiny hint of dill, but the highlight of my dish were the breakfast potatoes with parmesan.  The pancakes felt a little stiff and it could have been better.  However, we still enjoyed our meal and the service was excellent.

Thyme (5)  Thyme (4)

Thyme (7)  Thyme (8)

Average noise level – $$

Thyme To Indulge

2858 Main Street

Vancouver, BC

V5T 3G2

Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant

The low quality, shady restaurant that went by the name of Grand Buffet is finally no more.  In its place, my wish has been fulfilled as a new dim sum restaurant has taken its place.  Hello, Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant.

Lee Garden (2)  Lee Garden (5)

I was surprised at how the old dining area with fluorescent lighting was pretty much gutted and transformed into a tastefully decorated restaurant.  The layout is long and curved with chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows all along one side.  It’s a great place to beat the summer heat because they are not cheap with using air conditioning.  I almost had to go home to grab a light sweater.  Service was excellent and the washrooms are clean.  There are however, no change tables for your baby, but that’s not surprising for an Asian restaurant.

Lee Garden (3)  Lee Garden (7)

Lee Garden (8)  Lee Garden (1)

As with all new Chinese restaurants, the quality of food is high and the prices are reasonable.  One can only hope it stays that way for as long as possible.  In the meantime, I will enjoy my monthly doses of greasy Asian brunch items, while washing it down with tea.

Lee Garden (6)

Medium noise level – $$

Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant

6401 Kingsway Unit 110

Burnaby, BC

V5E 1E1