Kidtropolis is an indoor play city to satisfy children and adults of all ages.


This place is roughly divided into 3 areas. The big area has children sized shops such as a pizzeria, vet clinic, half airplane, police station, school, fire station, post office, gas station, farm house, theatre and a huge jungle gym. You can guarantee there is something for your child will gravitate to. I love the attention to detail that each building provides depending on the theme. For example, inside the post office you can empty the mailbox and out comes letters as well as packages to be delivered. If you look closely, you’ll notice one of the packages is addressed to Sparkle Tooth Fairy.


The second area is sectioned off for birthday parties. These are private rooms to sing Happy Birthday and to have food and cake. Children can access the play areas after or before as long as it’s within that 2 hour booking time. There’s packages and details on their website. Such a great idea!

The third area is the cafe with items such as pizza, chicken strips, fries, wraps, hot dogs, popcorn, muffins and etc. While the prices were quite high, ($9.50 for chicken strips and fries) I understand it’s a business and expected.

I visited Kidtropolis with my daughter, my friend and her 2 year old. We all played so hard and when we went home, we napped just as hard.


High noise level – $


Unit 110 – 5940 No. 2 Road
Richmond, BC
V7C 4R9



Railtown Cafe & Catering

This place is hidden amoungst all the other warehouses and shops in Railtown.  The staff here are friendly and helped me while I struggled to carry my child along with my diaper bag as well as my food to the table.  Much appreciated.


During my last visit, I tried their lemon blueberry muffin and the meat lovers quiche.  I remember thinking, what kind of muffin costs $3.75?  Well, apparently one of the best muffins I’ve ever had.  It was packed with lemon, blueberry, almonds and enough sprinkling of sugar on top.  The muffin top was crispy and crunchy, while the body of the muffin remained soft.  I was going to save it for later, but ended up eating half of it.


The meat quiche was also probably one of the best quiches I’ve ever had.  This was clearly a meat lovers quiche since it contained an overflowing amount of bacon and ham.  On top of that, there were tons of vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach and onions.  I always struggle with ordering something meat lovers or vegetarian because the meat option never contained enough vegetables, but not anymore!


Along with my food, my usual to go drink would be coffee, but I decided on their raspberry lemonade since it looked so refreshing.  That hit the spot and wasn’t too tart.

I wish Railtown Cafe was open on the weekends since I live and work in Burnaby on the weekdays.  Parking can be limited, but not impossible so give it a shot.


Medium noise level – $

Railtown Cafe & Catering

397 Railway Street

Vancouver, BC

V6A 1A4




Sweet Cherubim

I’m not a person who craves Vegetarian food.  The dish almost always feels incomplete to me.  A salad?  Let’s slice some grilled chicken on that rabbit food.  Baked potato?  Let’s sprinkle some bacon on it.  However, I can make room for Sweet Cherubim from time to time.

Sweet Cherubim (2)  Sweet Cherubim (4)

Sweet Cherubim is a casual eatery, which shares the space with a grocery store.  Staring at their menu, it took me the full 5 minutes to make a decision since I kept changing my mind.  They have samosas, moussakas, lasagnas, burgers, sandwiches, rolls, subjis, rice bowls, soups, salads and many desserts.  (All of which are vegetarian)

Sweet Cherubim (1)  Sweet Cherubim (3)

I finally decided on the ‘Soup Special’, which came with a cup of soup, salad and rice.  This way, I can try a little bit of everything.  I chose the kale soup, quinoa salad and rice.  The 3 items looked tiny, but make no mistake, it is filling.  The food was tasty and healthy without being too greasy to weigh me down.  Next time, I’m going to try their subji, which I learned is a term that means ‘vegetable dish’.  Subjis can be dry, wet or in curry form and the ones at Sweet Cherubim looked delicious.

Sweet Cherubim (5)


Average noise level – $

Sweet Cherubim

1105 Commercial Dr

Vancouver, BC

V5L 3X3

Thyme To Indulge

Thyme To Indulge started as a boutique gourmet catering company and has within the last year, opened a restaurant on Main Street.  Their motto is quality over quantity while trying to use mostly local and seasonal ingredients.

Thyme (1)  Thyme (6)

The restaurant’s black striped awning stands out from the other hip businesses.  Their décor has a beautiful French bistro feel to it with iron patio chairs outside.  I ended up sitting outside with Ben and Mikayla because it was quite stuffy inside.  There are however, no booster seats or highchairs so you’ll have to hold your baby.  Although, Thyme To Indulge didn’t seem very kid friendly, they tried to be as accommodating as possible, which was appreciated.

Thyme (2)  Thyme (3)

The BC Eggs Benedict was tasty with a tiny hint of dill, but the highlight of my dish were the breakfast potatoes with parmesan.  The pancakes felt a little stiff and it could have been better.  However, we still enjoyed our meal and the service was excellent.

Thyme (5)  Thyme (4)

Thyme (7)  Thyme (8)

Average noise level – $$

Thyme To Indulge

2858 Main Street

Vancouver, BC

V5T 3G2

Kinder Cafe

Kinder Café is located in Port Coquitlam just off of Lougheed Highway in the same plaza as Kin’s Market.  This bright little playground have tons of toys and is clean and affordable.  There are couches for nursing moms and change tables in the washrooms.  They serve snacks and lattes for sleep deprived parents to enjoy while watching their children tire themselves out.  It’s a comfortable place to bring your kids rain or shine.

Kinder Cafe (3)  Kinder Cafe (8)

There aren’t too many indoor play areas for kids in the lower mainland and unfortunately, the place is closing down.  As we were speaking with the owner, she mentioned that someone else may purchase the Kinder Café name and either keep it open or reopen in another location.  I’m hoping they can reopen in Burnaby as it’s closer to home, but I’ll be happy regardless if Kinder Café can just be available while my daughter is growing up.  In the meantime, they are having a closing out sale so go check them out if you want to purchase some items for a steal.  They’ll be open until Wednesday 3:00PM.

Kinder Cafe (1)  Kinder Cafe (5)

Loud noise level – $

Kinder Café

2020 Oxford Connector

Port Coquitlam

BC V3C 0A4

Sweetery Cafe

If you’re looking to eat close to Downtown and Granville Island without venturing into either places, Sweetery Café isn’t a bad choice.  It’s quick and easy with plenty of free street parking available.

IMAG0272  IMAG0273

Sweetery serves sandwiches, wraps and salads with daily specials.  Today’s special was a BBQ chicken grilled cheese sandwich served with fries, salad or soup.  In addition to that I also ordered the chicken, avocado and tomato sandwich with a side of quinoa salad.  Both were satisfying without being too greasy.  The food is more on the healthier side, so don’t expect comfort food.  To be honest, the salad was a little bland for me, but it felt good for my body.

IMAG0278  IMAG0279

This is a casual place to grab some coffee and dessert to chat with some friends, unfortunately my daughter was getting fussy so we couldn’t stay long enough to try any.


Medium noise level – $

Sweetery Café

340 W 2nd Avenue

Vancouver, BC

V5Y 3W3


Oui Paris Cafe

When you have a baby, time seems to drag on during those painful colicky nights.  There’s permanent bags under your eyes and you haven’t plucked your eyebrows in a month.  Well, that’s me anyway for the last little while, but before you know it, your little one is 8 months old!  Mikayla has grown from a cranky baby to happy, giggling and babbling small person.

oui (2)  oui (4)

Every month, I try to find a new place to have lunch with my daughter and Oui Paris Café just opened in the neighborhood.  As you can already tell from the name, this is a Parisan style café and it’s located in Burnaby.  That’s another plus for me since I need to plan around my daughter’s naps so I only have a 2 hour window to get her dressed, out the door, drive, find parking, order food, eat and drive back home.

oui (10)  oui (6)

I’m not sure if I was famished from nursing my baby the previous night, but that spinach, feta and mushroom crepe was delicious!  It wasn’t ladened with butter and the ingredients tasted fresh.  The mushrooms were grilled and the spinach still had a slight crunch.

oui (1)  oui (5)

I enjoyed a mouth-watering crepe, basked in the beautiful Parisian ambience and was still able to get home in time to put Mikayla down for a nap.  If that’s not a successful morning, I don’t know what is.

Oui Paris Café

Average noise level – $

4092 Hastings Street

Burnaby, BC

V5C 2H9