Vancouver Alpen Club

The name is plain, the restaurant is even cheesier, but that didn’t stop me from trying this place.  Vancouver Alpen Club is closest thing to German style cuisine since my visit to Germany a few years ago.  The murals on the wall outside, the waitresses dirndl dresses and the simple, yet tasty German dishes complete the whole feel of the place.

alpen2  Alpen1

With Schnitzel Tuesdays (only $11.99) and Haxen Thursdays (only $11.99), there’s a reason why this restaurant has been around since 1935.  Seriously, try the Haxen.  It’s Bavarian Pork Hock, which is basically the knuckle, but the way it’s made is full of flavor.  Don’t expect vegetables, don’t expect something light, this is just a hearty full on meat dish with a side of potatoes and sauerkraut.

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Average noise level – $$

Vancouver Alpen Club

4875 Victoria Drive

Vancouver, BC

V5N 4P3