Burrito Boyz

My friend, Bryan has been raving about Burrito Boyz for a good 3 years now.  Anytime I plan a visit to Toronto and ask about places for lunch, the answer is always the same. “Oh man, you need to check out Burrito Boyz!”

IMAG0780  IMAG0785

Finally, I had a chance and even with all the hype, Burrito Boyz lived up to its name.  We walked in on a Friday afternoon and this place was packed.  There were people shouting for the next customer in line and shouting for orders that were ready to go.  It was a little overwhelming since we had a baby with us, but we eventually found a seat and settled in.

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My husband and I both ordered the halibut burrito, which can be customized to your own liking.  It was honestly, the best fish burrito I’ve ever had.  The halibut was lightly battered and deep fried.  The batter was still crispy, while the fish was juicy as we bit into our enormous burrito.  Inside my burrito, surrounding the fish were rice, beans, guacamole and lettuce.  The only mistake we made was order a large burrito for my husband because that thing is massive.  I barely finished my small and he only ate about 3/4 of his.  Not only are the portions laughably big, the prices kept us well within budget.


I wouldn’t say Burrito Boyz is a kid friendly establishment because there were no high chairs or change tables, but it was loud enough that my baby didn’t have to speak in her inside voice.  Despite the hectic environment, packed restaurant and no high chairs present, I’m glad I checked this place out.


Loud noise level – $

Burrito Boyz

218 Adelaide St

Toronto, ON

M5H 1W7


No.1 Beef Noodle

As a daughter to immigrant parents, I’ve spent all my life eating Chinese food.  We tend to eat simple Cantonese dishes at home, but when there’s a special occasion, we try to go to a restaurant.  This is how I know for a fact that service is not a key criteria in your meal.  Luckily, some restaurants in Vancouver realize it’s actually an important part of your experience besides the food.  No. 1 Beef Noodle is a casual Taiwanese restaurant that understands this as well.

IMAG0406  IMAG0400

From the moment we walked in, our family of 3 were greeted with smiles.  We had to wait for a table since it was the lunch rush and were finally seated in the corner.  A table for 4 opened up and they offered to let us sit there if it would be more comfortable.  That may seem like an insignificant thing, but trust me when I tell you that Chinese restaurants don’t usually do that.  The main goal is always to maximize the space and diners, meaning you squish everyone in to serve as many people as you can in the shortest time possible.


When we were ready to order, I wanted to order the fish hot-pot with rice and the waitress promptly told me that it’s a little spicy in case I was going to feed my baby as well.  I was actually going to, so I’m glad she told me about that because usually they don’t really care.  You ordered it, can’t you read?  She also brought over a little bowl with utensils for my daughter without me having to ask.  Sounds pretty straight forward, right?  Trust me, this is great service and I’m pleased.


The food here consists of mainly noodles and rice dishes.  My favorite is the beef brisket and tomato in noodle soup.  I’ve also had the crispy fried pepper chicken on rice, which is also quite good.  For dessert, I love their shaved ice with condensed milk, strawberry and lychee.  One thing that is very typical of an Asian restaurant though, cash only.


Medium noise level – $

No. 1 Beef Noodle

4741 Willingdon Avenue

Burnaby BC