Tour De Feast Café

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”  That’s the simple quote I like to think I live by.  Unfortunately, I just end up eating like a king all three meals, but I need energy to raise a kid so that’s how I’m going to justify it.

Tour De Feast Café is one of those places where your meals make you feel as if you’ve consumed a hot bowl of comfort food.  When you break it down, it is indeed a hearty breakfast with lots of fresh vegetables, eggs and a slice of lardon.  Honestly, it’s much needed fuel to start the day and the bonus is that it taste so darn good too.


This restaurant is located in North Vancouver, tucked away near residential homes.  It’s unpretentious and as relaxing as a mom and pop diner, but cleaner.  A high chair is available and there’s space for a stroller if it’s not a busy day.

Just a note to parents with babies, there are no changing tables in the bathroom.  I used the ledge inside the unisex bathroom, although it’s quite narrow.  Last note, – get the Lyon, you won’t regret it.


Average noise level – $$

Tour De Feast Cafe

319 Mountain Highway

North Vancouver, BC

V7J 2K7


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